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2015 AMC Footwear cadres farmhouse Cooking Competition Events
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 Under heavy pressure of work colleagues it is difficult to taste the real delicious delicious food. Not to mention the green and healthy food. Weekends or holidays with his family to go to the surrounding countryside was a play, one thing has become a lot of my colleagues aspire.
 For the significance of this event, all colleagues volunteered Yong Yue register the event. Team a clear division leader chef have come up with a special skill, rich dishes. Everyone is too busy, Fresh vegetables at everyone embellishment color, smell and taste. Next to the beautiful small partners have canvassing cheer.
 Finally, the judges scoring according to everyone's taste, were named the best team with the award, best sell, Best Dishes Awards, Best Taste Award, and they give a certain amount of material reward. Small partners also got a small gift, and everyone looked so lively match, feeling so warm and relaxed atmosphere, a lot of people feel that the whole body and mind has been an unprecedented relaxation, we have said, but also have time to hold such activity.

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