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Sneaker fashion -- 2023 spring/summer women's shoe item trend
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Sneaker fashion -- 2023 spring/summer women's shoe item trend

Trend prediction - sneakers fashion

Nowadays, the pursuit of fashion personality gradually increases, and the demand for sports shoes is not only for their functionality, but also for their unique appearance in the sports shoes market has gained more and more attention. By breaking the original frame structure of sneakers and adding the elements of fashion shoes, the avant-garde outline will Remake and innovate the charm of "remake".

One, pointy sports shoes

When it comes to pointy sneakers, AZ Factory is the most representative brand. The brand magnifies the concept of sports, and the pointy design of fashion sense replaces high heels, which can comfortably liberate the feet while pursuing beauty. The smart integration of pointy head and sports is to show the neutral image, which will not have too much female characteristics, but also retain the sports attributes of the shoe itself, which can be applied to the board shoes and sports shoes.

Pointy sports shoes - style recommendation

Pointed sports shoes on the basis of the original sports shoes, in the shoe head pulled out the fashion shoes pointed modeling, so that sneakers get a new image. Among them, Marni chose the combination of board shoes and pointed toes. The design of pointed toes lengthens the effect visually, adds a sense of fashion to the casual style, and adds points to the overall wear.


Two. Exercise Mary Jane

Compared with traditional Mary Jane shoes, sports Mary Jane shoes abandon the original casual bottom modeling, instead of sports style soles, thick bottom combined with Mary Jane design, inject new ideas into classic Mary Jane shoes. In practical use, can be made in the shoe surface material difference, enhance the sense of hierarchy, can easily mix and match sweet cool wind; On the bottom type, you can choose a flat bottom or a strong sense of modeling.

Sports Mary Jane - style recommendations

The classic Mary Jane cute and sweet image has been gradually improved to have a variety of styles. Sports Mary Jane through the addition of sports soles, increase the dynamic line, so that the shoe style more full. Among them, designer brand I suddenly sneezed a special design with a hollowed out vamp structure paired with a sporty outsole for a standout style.

Three. High-heeled sneakers

Athletic shoes with the lithe and pointy heels of sexy collision, different styles of toe and heel together, so seemingly absurd and bizarre in the visual contradictory impact of a strong, make high heel sports shoes stand out in the sameness. Not only avant-garde and fashionable design, but also full of fun, very eye-catching.

High heeled sports shoes - style recommendation

The single item of high-heeled sneakers has been launched in the big brands. The design of high-heeled sneakers is boldly combined with board shoes, football shoes and running shoes respectively. This "crossover" combination gives a new definition of shoes. Uppes and toe designs control the overall style of the heels, with miu miu and N°21's prongs and diamond trim skewing feminine, while Untitlab and Maison Margiela's sneakers are still full of movement.

Four, sports fashion sandals

Sports style fashion sandals meet the current dual needs for comfort and fashion appearance, sports outsole provides better cushioning and power, combined with the upper design of fashion sandals, bring more possibilities for the overall wear, improve the level of appearance while ensuring part of the sports performance, become a fashion people wear essential single item.

Sports fashion Sandals - style recommendations

During sports, the outsole of the turning-sandals is mostly based on the thick sole, which is mostly used in the style of striped sandals. The design of striped sandals is wide, which increases the contact surface with the foot, thus greatly improving the comfort of the shoes. Refer to Simone Rocha and Stella McCartney's embellish on the strip, shifting the eye to the vamp and reducing the bulky image of the thick soles, which are preferred by sweet and cool girls.

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