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Lagoon Green -2023 spring/summer women's shoe color trend

Lagoon Green -2023 spring summer women s shoe color trend

Color trend of women's shoes in autumn/winter 23/24

Key color - seagull grey Seagull grey is a key color for autumn Winter 23 24 It has a strong appeal with its classic durability and unisex color and will be an important neutral color for autumn winter market Seagull color is the warm gray in autumn and winter of 23 24 It will be applied to home decoration and industrial decoration

Gull Grey - Color trend of wome...

Gull Grey - Color trend of women s shoes in autumn winter 23 24

Freehand natural -23/24 autumn an...

For the inspiration of autumn and winter color trends of 23 24, it revolves around nature From natural rocks and fossils to mineral crystals to harvest crops and fruits, all come from the gifts of nature Rooted in the sustainable nature and post-pandemic era, naturalistic colors will become mainstream and bring spiritual comfort to people while satisfying the need for visual diversity

Sweet Girl- 2023 spring and summ...

Embroidery craft is an important presentation technique of girls shoes craft According to the different thread materials used in embroidery and the change of embroidery needle method, embroidery brings us exquisite or gentle or smart patterns The combination of print and stitch presents the letter pattern to show the trendy sense of embroidery pattern Webbing lace embroidery makes the pattern m

Practical new idea -23/24 autumn...

relationship between self and the world has changed from vague to clear, and gradually formed their own unique and diversified thoughts and aesthetics Express yourself in the way of creative details and special structure on the shoes, switch freely in the world of yourself, and

autumn and winter women's shoes fashion shoes fabr

Comfortable and warm recycled material plush expansion

CHARLES&KEITH | 2022 chun xia item analysis

CHARLES & KEITH was founded with the vision of enabling women around the world to freely express themselves through fashion The brand is constantly reinventing fashion through its select collections, pushing the boundaries of modern footwear and accessories Since its founding in 1996, the brand has expanded its reach beyond brick-and-mortar stores by offering online shopping services on its webs

Look for embossed leather -- Tre...

The embosed leather of metallic color infuses vitality into the shoes, the material with the effect of luster change makes the high-heeled shoes more feminine, the color change forms a wonderful flashing effect, and the golden texture is more brilliant

Spring/summer 2022

The arched hollow out form will make the whole have a "three-dimensional sense ", enrich the level of the structure, add a lot of beauty of the product The design OF ARCH is also a common craft model in home design, especially in the home of children s field quite popular
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