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12 strokes teach you to solve the shoes wear foot
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 Sometimes favorite fancy one pair of shoes, and finally after a long time to buy a tangle home, only to find foot wear, are we supposed to? This is not anti-use method to try 12 small, Meiyi Zhao are useful.
 1, Jiujin method: liquor (25 grams) was poured into new shoes, shaking a few times, put an hour before wearing leather board is no longer hard, the shoes are no longer pinches. If the edge of the foot wear shoes, such as the heel, you can put a wet paper towel to dry, and then fully saturated with liquor, with a clip fixed to the foot wear shoes site, place one night, the next day will no longer wear foot wear .
 2, roll pressure method: If the new shoes have worn the edge of the foot, can be used wet towels at the site of foot wear cover a few minutes, making it soft and wet, then cylindrical object (such as a glass bottle) pressed hard roll several times, the mill the weight of the smooth part of the foot, will not wear feet.
 3, wedge palm method: If the new shoes pinch the situation is more serious, can be used wet towels to cover their wet, then the shoes wedge stretch, wear on the smooth feet.
 4, hammering method: If the soles of new shoes foot wear, shoes can be set in the kidnapper, hard hitting with a hammer, knocking at the foot wear flat shoes new wear heels how do they solve. If you do not cripple shoes can also be used in place of other iron.
 5, solid plastic melt method: After the glue melted dripping foot wear nail decoration on it. After the glue can, before the glue not stiff paste a small piece of soft cloth, as long as careful a little on the line.
 6, newspaper wetness method: waste paper crumpled, wetted with water (slight) let's use a sheet of newspaper, and then into the shoes wear foot place. We must be plugged oh. This approach is absolutely useful.
 7, smashing blow method: for a certain part of the foot wear, such as the heel, toe side, will wear that kind of blisters, you can use a hair dryer, according to parts of the shoes wear foot blow, until softened the blow of the leather and then hit a hard object hit, this method is very good, especially for post-grinding heel shoes.
 8, liquor law: You can wear shoes with liquor applied to the foot of the place, soaked for about 5 to 15 minutes, and its slightly soft, then put on walking, do not wear the feet dry. Alcohol can also be sprayed until wet cloth on the date, and then strips of cloth stuffed in shoes, you can wear the next day.
 9, the tape method: shoes and feet with grinding and tape with adhesive tape, over a period of time will not be too wear the feet.
 10, stampede law: the foot wear that piece entered, fold it, concave, like wearing slippers that posture step on it, and then put a few days will be much better.
 11, hammer smashing method: place a damp cloth to wear foot cover, then gently with a small hammer repeatedly hit a hit, let it become soft, then put not wear feet.
 12, wear stickers: Buy to fight against wear foot wear stickers, a bit like a band-aid surface, but is much more flexible.
 For shoes, the importance of people, is self-evident, then there may be how to "wear out" health?
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 1, high toe: the best option may be slightly bent toes in the toe shoes, at least 0.5 ~ 1cm space for toes activities.
 2, hard shoes and wide: to avoid sloshing around. Width of the shoes can not be too narrow, there should be 0.5cm of space.
 3, below the ankle for a soft leather: heel portion must be hard, so as to protect the feet.
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