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Immersive Weekend - Spring/Summer 2021 Theme
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Theme background
Escape the pressure of the city, embark on a journey to the distance, to find the integration of youth and nature. As fernando pessoa says in the book of fear: I would like to live a different life far away. Wander freely under the boundless sky, looking for the cozy shore of the heart, every time you set out, is to meet a better yourself. Whether it is the original intention of human nature, or the call of nature, the outdoors becomes a desirable spiritual possession. Embrace nature, bathe in the free weekend time, perceive the link between man and nature again, and interpret the casual outdoor style and self-inner remodeling with another kind of life.

The world's first sports sandals were created near the grand canyon in 1984. A young river guide tied ankle straps to flip-flops to keep them from falling on the water, creating a safe and functional sports sandal. Simple and practical footwear inspired by adventure is loved by many people who lead active lifestyles.

Color direction
Cruise in the weekend under the wonderful sky, longing for a return to the simple life of leisure time, comfortable and natural color became the key to the design. The theme selected shallow grass green, warm shaka and shade green close to nature to emphasize the perfect combination of natural colors. Morning fog grey and dark night blue add adventure to the unknown region for the whole. Daylight yellow visually highlights the vitality of spring and summer seasons. Natural colors call for people to examine the essence of life again and embrace a more real world!

Women's shoes fabric direction -- composite mesh surface
The use of artificial color multi-layer adhesive mesh cloth, to create a very bold style of sports style, showing a free and flexible support and good permeability. Use the material covered with mesh nylon fabric to create a more diversified lifestyle series.

Men's shoes fabric direction -- textured suede
Suede suede, anti - suede is the best choice to create outdoor style sports shoes, fine texture suede, environmental breathable, soft and wear-resistant, with leather natural texture and luster, suitable for outdoor activities.

Female shoe element direction -- geomorphic texture
Natural landform texture will be an important element in spring and summer of 2021, creating landform texture imitating natural form and reshaping ecological structure; The eye-catching texture effect can be applied to all parts or parts. The texture surface can be updated through creative patterns, and sustainable materials can be used to meet the theme of environmental protection.

Men's shoes element direction -- natural mountain
The patterns of natural elements of the mountains are ideal for outdoor festivals and camping activities. Enjoy the fun of being in nature, having fun together and embracing nature. The elements with a sense of natural folk customs are the lighting of outdoor life linking people and nature.

Women's sole product direction -- practical sandals
Under the influence of the revival of the sports style in the 1990s, the stripped-style sandals, as a key item, have a steady performance. The three-dimensional silhouette enhances the relaxed style texture, making them a perfect choice for leisure and outdoor activities. Raising the main body of the design to ankle height and choosing a wider strip, the sole of the running shoe is the key to creating a practical style.
Men's sole product direction -- urban hiking boots
The pragmatic aesthetics of urban outdoor trend promotes the improvement of walking boots, and the narrow modern design stands out, injecting new vitality for leisure sports. Choose a silhouette that stays above the ankle and adds bright colors to the structure and round LACES for a fresh look.

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