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2016 Korean fashion Consumer Fair (Shanghai Exhibition)
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 Show English name: K-StyleFair2016
 Dates: 2016/12/9 --- 2016/12/11
 Held Venue: Shanghai New International Expo Centre
 Industry: Import and Export Trade
 Show City: Shanghai
 Organizers: Korea International Trade Association Korea SMBA
 Exhibition area: 11,500 square meters
 Used Hall: N4 Hall
 Admission Fee: Free admission with a business card site registration
 Exhibition Overview
 Korean fashion consumer goods exhibition is organized by Korea SMBA and Korea International Trade Association, there will be more than 400 South Korean companies to participate in outstanding held twice a year in Beijing, Shanghai the show. With the changes in China and South Korea signed a free trade agreement with the domestic consumer spending habits, increasing trade between China and Korea, the people who demand high-quality authentic Korean goods also expanded. It is carried out in Korea exhibition eliminate this context. Exhibitors species involved in food, cosmetics, medical beauty, housewares, intelligent home appliances, clothing, pregnancy baby supplies and other goods and services.
 2016 Korean fashion consumer goods exhibition is intended to "provide opportunities for businesses to provide customers experience authentic Korean homes" convenience!
 Scope of Exhibits
 Fashionable exhibition: shoes, clothing, jewelry, jewelry, bags, fashionable products;
 Food Zone: Food, beverages, fresh and processed food, health products;
 Beauty exhibition: cosmetics, medical beauty, personal care, and health;
 Pregnant baby area: pregnant baby supplies, infant food, toys, education;
 Commodity exhibition: lifestyle products, home decoration, household appliances, health care supplies;
 Medical Beauty exhibition: healthcare, beauty, plastic surgery, medical and beauty services.
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