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Forecast Of Material Trend Of Women's Shoes In Spring And Summer 2020
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The trend is youthful, inspired by the growing influence of generation Z and emerging economies. The design combines vitality and environmental protection, and USES Miami sun to create a special series of vacation/wedding shoes.
Delicate lace
Lace is one of the representative materials of clothing items in the wedding banquet. Through the lace mixed with clouds and mist, we can experience true elegance and elegance.
Recommended design
Representative brands: Dolce & Gabbana, Gianvito Rossi. Delicate lace material, woven into a delicate pattern, suitable for banquet occasions, elegant and charming.
Hand bordered yarn
Hand-made rough edge design, unique and unique. Seemingly disorganized, but actually stylish and orderly, showing strong nifty with confidence.
Recommended design
Representative brands: Christian Louboutin, Alexander Mc Queen. Rough edge design in the design of shoes more natural, break the convention.
Fine gauze
If the shadow if appear hazy feeling, have pure, romantic temperament, contain costly and grand feeling again.
Recommended design
Representative brands: Jimmy Choo, Roger Vivier. Short boot and sock boot type design, hazy feeling brings dye-in-the-wood fairy air, try to drill act the role of, the ornament of stereo flower, criterion more chic.
Amorous feelings of feathers
Feather ornament, give sheet taste exotic amorous feelings. Feather is a gentle element added to the design to give full play, the design of a single product, elegant but not conventional.
Design is recommended
Representative brands: Tabitha Simmons, Tory Burch. Feather serves as the ornament of shoe money, the feather of light color has the relaxed and comfortable feeling like young girl, brunet mature in contain a few minutes charm.
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