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How to Inspect a Shoes
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shoe quality Inspections You will never look at shoes the same way again…….once you know how to professionally inspect a pair of shoes. Quality is a very important feature of any shoe you may make, buy, or sell. It will be different inspections for women shoes, kid shoes , high heel shoes
Knowing how to run a shoe quality inspection is a critical skill for shoe maker , developers, and product line managers.  When a new sample arrives it is critical to inspect the materials, assembly technique, and workmanship. Knowing how to inspect a shoe is also a great skill to have as a shoe buying customer in a store.  So, here is how to grade and inspect a shoe like a professional!
Definition of Shoe inspection quality “A”, “B”, “C” – Grades
“A”-grade shoes:
Shoes without any functional defects or cosmetic defects that will impair the marketability of the shoe are A-grade.  These are high quality shoes, they look good and fit correctly. An A grade must follow good on the detail stitch , glue , smooth sole . 
“B”-grade shoes:
Shoes without any major functional defects and which will not cause injury to the person wearing the shoes are B-grade. These shoes may have cosmetic defects, production mistakes, or workmanship issues that cannot be properly repaired. These shoes will be discounted and/or diverted to markets more tolerant of cosmetic defects.
“C”-grade shoes:
C-grade shoes have major functional defects that could cause injury to the wearer, or major cosmetic defects that cannot be repaired. Shoes are also considered C-grade if they have poor workmanship or materials defects that could shorten the normal life expectancy of the shoe, or damage the companies reputation. These shoes should be destroyed.

AMC shoes factory use to produce "A" and "B" grade shoes in the factory . if you have any question about shoes you are welcome contact with us by email:  or whatsap+18819090400. 

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